Make your life worth living again at Ocean Hills.

 Asking for help in fighting your addiction is a big decision.
Here are some frequently asked questions – and answers – to help you get started on your journey to wellness and hope.


Frequently asked questions

I don’t want anyone knowing my business. Is the facility private?

Ocean Hills is exclusive and peaceful. We protect your privacy during your stay and all of your information is completely confidential.

How long will I stay?

An average stay at Ocean Hills is about two weeks, but times can be adapted to suit your needs.

Is Ocean Hills a spa or resort?

Although Ocean Hills is a place of wellness and healing – and is certainly luxurious, peaceful and serene – it is not a resort. It is, however, a place to recover from the devastating disease of addiction and be comfortable, safe and nurtured while you are supported by professionals.

What is the facility like?

Ocean Hills is nestled in Hastings in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay, renowned its Mediterranean climate and abundant sunshine. Located in the North Island of New Zealand, it’s a short plane ride from Auckland or Wellington or a pleasant day-trip in the car through stunning scenic countryside.

How much will it cost?

Please drop us a line at elaine@oceanhillsrehab.co.nz or call 0275 737 744 so we can provide the details of costs. Clients are required to pay in full prior to their stay.

What do I need to bring?

Bring comfortable clothes suitable for exercise and resting. Toiletries. Enough prescribed medication (blister pack is best) for a few weeks, including the name and contact details of your doctor. Bring some ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. Although we provide beautiful bedding, please feel free to bring your own pillows or other favourite items so you’re as comfortable as possible.

What should I leave behind?

You won’t need a vehicle while you’re at Ocean Hills – we’ll take you where you need to be. Any digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, stereos or speakers – your recovery needs your undivided attention. Take care to check that nothing you pack has alcohol as an ingredient, especially toiletries such as mouthwash, perfume, hairspray, methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol. Any medication that isn’t prescribed by your doctor, although you’re welcome to bring your vitamins if you take them. All vitamins need to be sealed and not opened. No energy drinks No pornography. No drugs, drug paraphernalia or alcohol. No clothing with slogans, messages or emblems representing drugs or alcohol.

What will I be doing every day?

Each day at Ocean Hills is a new beginning, filled with healthy intentions and practical plans. A daily routine will include healthy meals, exercise and lots of addiction-recovery meetings and activities. Rest is also an integral part of getting well, so expect to get lots of sleep and enough down-time for you to recover your health.


Ocean Hills Detox & Rehabilitation is the only private drug and alcohol treatment in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.  


The peaceful residential facility feels more like
a beautiful and loving home than an institution, albeit providing reputable and professional care.


Ocean Hills Detox & Rehabilitation

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