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Meet our professional addictions team, many of whom have lived experience of addiction.

The Ocean Hills expert clinical addiction services includes access to Therapists, Counsellors, Registered Nurse, Programme Facilitators, and Peer Support Workers.


Elaine Atkinson founded Ocean Hills in 2019.

Now 17 years into her recovery from alcoholism, the former Aucklander
decided it was time
to follow her mission of helping people out of addiction
and set up her
dream business.

She left a highly successful corporate career behind and went on to open the doors of

Ocean Hills, a private rehab facility in Napier.

Elaine is hands-on in all aspects of the business and is heavily involved pre-admissions,
working in close partnership with the clinical team. 

She is the heart of Ocean Hills and is deeply committed to every client's recovery.

An intimate understanding of the disease of addiction has shaped her empathy and compassion for all people suffering from substance use disorder, including their families.

Elaine clipboard.jpg

“It's always been my desire to help people struggling with addiction to get the help and support that was given to me. 

 "I feel very strongly that addiction can be overcome and you can live a healthy and happy life – I'm living proof of that and
I've seen it over and over again in my circles of recovery and through my work at Ocean Hills."

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