Meet our professional addictions team, many of whom have lived experience of addiction.

The Ocean Hills expert clinical addiction services includes Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Programme Facilitator, and other Mental Health Professionals.


Our Clinical Director Andrew McGarrol is a highly qualified and experienced addictions clinician. He has extensive experience as a clinical manager of several mental health and addiction services for DHBs and major addiction facilities in Hawke’s Bay. 

As Clinical Director, Andrew oversees the Ocean Hills Assessment Service and ensures
the highest clinical standards are met for our clients.

He joined Ocean Hills because he was attracted to the professionalism, positivity and anonymity of the facility.

In his private practice, he also specialises in trauma, EMDR therapy and does consulting
work in the suicide prevention area.

Andrew McGarrol

“I really love Elaine’s energy and I feel connected to that. She’s such a kind-hearted person. It’s her passion and you can really tell that. She’s got a really good service that I feel like I can endorse and be part of.

“I also like the commitment to anonymity at Ocean Hills: there’s a strong focus around keeping people’s privacy while giving them an opportunity to recover and develop tools to deal with their addictions.”