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A day in the life of rehab

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Rehab at Ocean Hills is not a retreat or holiday – you probably won’t find any celebrities indulging in spa treatments or lying on a psychiatrist’s couch. Neither is it a boot camp or punishment for having an addiction – Ocean Hills offers a gentler, more loving experience than any of those stereotypical ideas of what rehab can be.

We know there are no magic bullets to the disease of addiction, which is cunning, baffling and powerful. What we do know is that the solution to recovery lies in a compassionate but firm approach. We educate with the powerful, proven and practical tools every addict needs to get through sobriety – not just today, but every day. Our staff are professionally trained and qualified, with many having lived experience of addiction. We understand the struggle of addiction and live in the solution of recovery.

The day starts with a gentle wake-up, taking a few moments to reflect on the miracle of being sober with some recovery literature. A walk in nature usually follows, giving you time to get your body moving and your mind flowing in the right direction for the day ahead.

A healthy and hearty breakfast follows with the Ocean Hills team, who are ready to inspire you with the morning programme. That can include everything from education and prevention strategies to mindfulness training and meditation. All of the activities are led by an experienced professional and are designed to shed light on your addiction and to arm you with the tools you need to ‘stay stopped’ and rebuild your life and health.

Art, equine and yoga therapies are also used at Ocean Hills.

More delicious home-cooked food is served at lunch, and then rest is encouraged for an hour or so.

The afternoon is about more reflection and work on your recovery from addiction. This will include one-on-one support with clinical members of the Ocean Hill team, journaling and more workshop and therapy-type sessions.

Dinner is again served with the team and then it’s off to a support group in the evening, or maybe watching a movie and resting.

A practice of gratitude for another clean and sober – free of hangovers, shakes, guilt and remorse – is a great way to end the day. Having your head hit the pillow after a sober day is one of the best feelings in the world: it’s true freedom.

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