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How to have a sober Christmas

Updated: 6 days ago

Christmas means different things to different people. For many, it’s a time where a lot of alcohol is drunk, ruining relationships and turning festive memories sour.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. A sober Christmas can bring back the magic to a wonderful day spent with loved ones.

Here’s what a sober Christmas means to the Ocean Hill Rehab team, a dedicated group of addiction and mental health professionals, many of whom have lived experience of overcoming addiction.

Christmas decorations how to have a sober Christmas
How to have a sober Christmas

Tips & tricks on how to have a sober Christmas

  • Waking up early with kids to watch their delighted little faces as they unwrap their much-long for pressies.

  • Being the person who doesn’t mind cleaning up the wrapping paper and washing the dishes. Being useful is a wonderful gift to others and yourself.

  • Being the sober driver for those who’ve had one too many drinks.

  • Reading kids their books and putting together their toys while other adults might be drinking.

  • Enjoying all the delicious food without alcohol messing with your appetite.

  • Being a peacemaker when the inevitable quibbles between family members start. It’s amazing what a bit of diversion can do to steer people in a different direction than conflict.

  • Remembering every single minute of a sober Christmas as your head hits the pillow at night.

  • Waking up the next day with no hangover, a clear head and no regrets, ready to enjoy summer with loved ones.

If you're worried about your drinking or that of someone you love, give Elaine a call on 027 573 7744 for a confidential chat.

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