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Yin yoga therapy at Ocean Hills

Updated: Jul 11

When yoga therapy is offered to clients at Ocean Hills, some are dubious as they’ve never tried it before.

But after taking part in the regular yin yoga sessions, many find the practice helps them in ways they couldn’t imagine.

“Pretty much 98 per cent of people who have done it with us really love it afterwards,” says Ocean Hills Programme Facilitator Jan Ellis.

“They tell us it was surprising for them that they enjoyed it. They find it really relaxing, calming, refreshing and revitalising.”

Benefits of yoga

Yoga is now a widely accepted form of relaxation with physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Studies show that when practiced regularly, yoga is effective in helping to alleviate some of the effects of addiction, such as depression and anxiety.

There are many types of yoga and Ocean Hills Weekend Programme Facilitator Liz Webster – a qualified yoga teacher and therapist – teaches the yin style to Ocean Hills clients.

“Yoga is essentially about mindfulness and movement – it’s very gentle,” says Jan.

And yin yoga focuses much more on mindfulness than other types of yoga, so it is idea for people who are in early recovery, when moods can be up and down.

Yoga therapist Liz Saith
Yoga therapist Liz Sait

Liz will also incorporate sound therapy into her yoga session, including music.

The practice is ideal for those who have never done yoga before and who may have physical limitations: no bending legs behind ears is required!

“Liz is really mindful of if people have injury, eg. They can do chair yoga. She’s really good at adapting it to their physical abilities.”

Though no single therapy will ‘cure’ addiction, doing yoga is a powerful practice that can contribute to a healthy, sustainable recovery, says Jan.

“It’s a therapy that can be an ongoing tool in their sobriety toolkit.”

If you're looking for support to get sober for yourself or someone you love, give Elaine a call on 027 573 7744 for a confidential chat. Private, premium seaside rehab - fees apply.

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