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Recover your wellness and hope – write a new chapter in your life.

Ocean Hills private rehab offers treatment for alcohol and drug addiction with busy people in mind. You might have a family, a business and people relying on you – in other words, a lot at stake. We understand that often, it’s just not possible to just abandon your responsibilities for long periods to get drug and alcohol treatment, which is why we customise treatment plans to suit you and your circumstances.

All you have to do is take that first step.



Only two weeks out of your life

Our most popular rehab option is a two-week detox and recovery programme. For many people, our professional addictions team have found this is enough time to set up a system of recovery to take back in to your life. If you need more time, you can stay at Ocean Hills for longer.


Hope for recovery from addiction

At Ocean Hills, we never give up hope on recovering from addiction. We know – through lived experience  and proven treatment methodologies – that recovery is possible and does exist. We see, live and breathe the miracle of recovery every day.​
Here, you can t
ake time out from the problems and chaos that accompany active addiction in a safe and nurturing sanctuary. Supported by our certified and experienced staff, you can reassess your direction and get the tools you need to plan for a successful future.



Wellness to live the life you deserve

Wellness is a cornerstone value of Ocean Hills. It's what we're here for, and what we live for. 

​What does wellness mean when you're in recovery?

It means freedom from drugs and alcohol.​

It means dignity.

It means good health.

It means having great energy.

It means being able to love and laugh.

It means being responsible.

It means nurturing yourself.

It means having light in your life.

The way Ocean Hills approaches wellness includes using expert clinical addiction services through
our experienced professional team. 
Our guests have access to a Clinical Manager, Registered Nurse, Programme Facilitator, Art, Yoga and Massage Therapists and Peer Support Workers.



Reclaim your health and life

It is possible to recover from addiction and lead a healthy and happy life.

However, your recovery is more than a two-week stint in a rehab (although that's a great start!).

​Real, lasting and sustainable recovery is lived in small steps every day, and requires dedication, knowledge and support.

​After two weeks at Ocean Hills you will feel stronger, healthier and have some distance from your addiction.

A full aftercare programme including weekly meetings and contact with our Therapist. With our staff, clients can reassess their direction and gather the tools they need for a successful life in recovery.

Then, you will be armed with a toolkit for a successful recovery: proven relapse prevention strategies, support networks, and skills to keep you sober one day at a time. 


Contact us now for a free and confidential assessment. 

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