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Life in recovery: living in ‘the middle’

When we are drinking and drugging, our emotions are super-charged.

We are never just in a good mood – we are flying high, euphoric, over the moon, crazy excited.

And we’re never just a little bit down either – we’re devastated, raging angry, frustrated beyond comprehension, toxically anxious and immovably depressed.

As using addicts, we’re never just ‘in the middle’. In fact, most of us aspired never to be in that place as it was not exciting at all. Living on the crazy rollercoaster of drama was familiar and what we felt comfortable with.

The crazy highs and lows were actually the fuel for our addiction: whether we were aware of it or not. Ask any addict the best way to deal with a big emotion or situation that has become unmanageable and they will tell you – they will pick up a drink or drug.

When we are in recovery, we live in the ‘middle’. At first glance, this is where all the boring stuff happens in life: going to work, having healthy relationships, looking after yourself.

Of course, there’s always good days and bad days, because life is like that. But a healthy, sober person strives to regain balance and return to the middle.

The middle is where sobriety lives, where wellness resides. It’s where serenity and contentment hang out.

It’s where we want to be as healthy, sober people in recovery.

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