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My stay at Ocean Hills: Change was needed to hang onto my life and family

Here is Marie' story, documented in a 5-star Google review of Ocean Hills:

A life of binge drinking for 32 years – and most recently three years of compulsive daily drinking –  I inevitably hit rock-bottom in my life. Pre-rock-bottom meant repeatedly emotionally hurting those I loved most, compromising my ability to fulfil duties as mum, wife and employee, black-outs and the development of manipulative and sneaky behaviour to ensure my 'fix' was achieved. These repeated and horrid consequences of drinking all signalled an issue with drinking but not enough to realise change was needed and my drinking had progressed to an addiction. Sadly, it took for both physical and mental harm experienced by family and potentially near loss of life, to realise life couldn't get any more tragic, control over drink had been lost and drastic! Change was needed to hang onto my life and biggest of all... my family. These realisations sent me into a desperate spin on how and who was going to help make this radical change happen.

I need a one-on-one customised treatment programme and a person on the phone that I related to.

"My state of emotional turmoil was exacerbated my state of desperation, leaving a relative to search for help and eventually short-listing the recovery services of Ocean Hills. Conversations with various establishments left my 'needs-list' unchecked, including the need for a one-on-one customised treatment programme and a person on the other end that I related to. Overwhelming relief was eventually struck following the turning-point call to Ocean Hills – the call that enabled my first glimpse of hope to revival.

"Admission procedures and arrangements to get on board the programme couldn't have been easier, thank goodness. I was far from managing a daily shower, let alone coordinating a 2-week stay away from home. The guided support of Elaine and her team had me walking my path to recovery within a week of my destined call, thank goodness! Ocean Hills had none of the institution-type trademarks but rather tasteful and comfortable surroundings. Aesthetics aside, the all-round care, support, programme content and delivery exceeded all expectations. The meticulously designed rehabilitation and recovery plan and expert implementation by the intuitive, professional and (so!) lovely care team, meant there was little chance for me to leave unchanged and without an awakening of the authentic me – ME! I no longer need to "pretend" life.

"If only I knew it wasn't hard to start the change."

"It was an exciting trip home two weeks later. The changes I've encountered along with my family since leaving Ocean Hills have been overwhelmingly amazing, to say the least. The tools, teachings and resources gained in recovery, together with after-care, has undoubtedly provided a reassurance of continued growth. Ocean Hills undoubtedly threw me the life raft and armoured me with the tools necessary to transform, however, my own focus and mahi certainly went a long way to winning. This mahi continues for life and no doubt with ups and downs, but my difference and reassurance comes from the fact that my toolkit and the real ME equates to sustainable sobriety!

"My family and me will continue to flourish. If only I knew it wasn't hard to start the change; If only I knew it wasn't hard to make the change; If only I knew the ongoing rewards of change; If only I knew a hand-picked team was waiting to help me make the change! Thank you for taking my call."

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