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No easing out of addiction lockdown

As we ease into level 3 after five weeks of Level 4 restrictions, there's a sense of possibility in the air at Ocean Hills Detox & Rehab in Hawke's Bay. Social media is full of with back-to-work memes with many people full of resolve not to return full throttle to their crazy-busy lives after an enforced rest. They feel better, they look better. Life turned up high is not always sustainable.

A pause from the world – whether mandatory or not – often prompts a review of the way we live. But for those living with an addiction, the pause doesn't exist: instead they're faced with a magnified view of their behaviour. Addiction is right there with you wherever you go and whatever you do, and it's right there with you in lockdown.

The question now is, what next? Is it time to make a plan to lock in some resolutions to give up and get well?

That's up to the addict although here's one thing we know for sure: until they're sick and tired of being sick and tired, recovery into a life of sobriety doesn't stand a chance.

But as soon as that door of possibility is open just a crack, letting in only an inch of light, recovery can get started. Once people have admitted that they're powerless over their addiction and are willing to ask for help, the work of a new life in sobriety can begin.

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