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Recovery and sobriety – Tikanga Maori at Ocean Hills

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

At Ocean Hills Detox & Rehab we choose to see the world as a positive, vibrant place where we can choose to live sober lives in freedom and in good health.

The way we show up in our lives every single day creates a pattern that will ultimately create our existence. As part of our philosophy of recovery in Aotearoa, we connect to the world through Tikanga Maori concepts and embed these in our daily lives and attitudes – both at our facility and personally.

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Manaakitanga – hospitality and support at Ocean Hills

Sobriety and support – Manaakitanga (hospitality, love and compassion)

We help and encourage one another, even complete strangers. Maybe we ask to assist with a task, cook a meal or let someone know we are thinking of them. When we extend manaakitanga to our whanau and communities, it makes us all stronger.

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Guardianship of earth and its people – Kaitiakitanga at Ocean Hills

Good health – Kaitiakitanga (guardianship of the sky, land and sea)

The earth supports us in everything we do, so offering kaitiakitanga forms our way of respecting, conserving and protecting the earth. We are mindful of the resources we use and of protecting and embracing the natural world around us, which is glorious in the Hawke’s Bay.

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Unity at Ocean Hills – Kotahitanga

Unity in recovery – Kotahitanga (togetherness)

Unity consciousness is at the core of what we do. We are all one and whatever we extend to others, we receive back. We are all in this together. What happens to you, happens to me, so let’s hold each other up through the hard times and walk side by side into a life of health, happiness and sobriety.

The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see. – Barry Neil Kaufman

Want to find out more about getting well and entering a life of sobriety at Ocean Hills? Call Elaine on 027 573 7744 for confidential chat on how we can help you or a loved one.

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