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Testimonials from Ocean Hills' guests

We are pretty proud of the work we do at Ocean Hills Rehab. Helping people get and stay sober with our professional, experienced qualified team is what we love to do.

But nobody can sing our praises more than our guests can. Here are a few comments from people who have stayed with us:

"The programme was excellent and we were well-guided through in a caring and nurturing way."

"The subtleties of therapy, including the impromptu chats with supporters, added to the overall experience."

"Food, activities and the house were ‘on point’.""

"I literally can’t fault the care or service."

An incredibly helpful, insightful and invaluable service. Well orchestrated and executed by some really special humans.

"They [staff] are all such wonderful people who have offered so much throughout my time here. I really enjoyed the workshops with Liz - superwoman!"

Very professional and caring in every way … making sure we stuck to the routine in a good way. I felt at home.

"From the minute I arrived, I felt genuinely cared for; my sense of relief was enormous. I knew this was where I was meant to be. Every step of this programme happened at the right time - I felt as if it was designed just for me. All of the staff were amazingly gentle and supportive and so skilled in their area of the programme. They all clearly love what they do and were led by their compassionate, passionate and happy leader, Elaine. Thank you all so much. Love you all."

The support and care we received from all staff members was exceptional, making us feel safe.

"[There was] care and understanding with great staff and environment and learning mixed up with great activities. Great experience, thanks."

[It was] very caring. [They] looked after me well, especially in the first few days. I felt very welcome. All in all it was exactly what I needed; it helped tremendously. Thank you all.

"The awesome staff was great at making you feel at home and relaxed. Lots of good laughs."

Brilliant programme … It was a life-changing experience!

"All the staff were so welcoming and open, making it so easy to open up and truly be authentic. You have a great mix of staff, which all contribute in different ways. This has been life-changing for me and I would definitely recommend it to others."

If you're worried about your drinking or that of someone you love, call Elaine on 027 573 7744 for a confidential and compassionate chat. You're never alone.

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