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Living a double life with alcohol

When you're running an alcohol addiction, it can feel like you're living a double life.

Pretending to be something you're not can look like many things, when it comes to addiction.

It could be when you have to have a few glasses before people arrive at your house to socialise.

Or when you need a drink before doing something challenging, like public speaking.

It might be when you pretend to be drinking just a little bit when you're around others, while you're sneaking extra drinks while no one is looking.

It could be opening a bottle of wine when your partner gets home, as if it's your first drink of the day, when it isn't.

Maybe it's when you're trying really hard to act like you're sober, so no one suspects you've been drinking.

Or it could be pretending that you remembered the details of the conversations you had while drinking, when you don't.

Perhaps it's the elaborate ways you hide and dispose of empty bottles, so no one sees how much you are really drinking.

It might be having a drink early in the day to steady your nerves so you can work and get things done.

Hiding an addiction is exhausting, grim and eventually, becomes impossible.

Or it might be when you make excuses for your actions while you were drunk, when you have no recollection of what you did.

It could possibly be coming up with endless excuses to colleagues and loved ones about how you can't meet your responsibilities, yet again, because you're drunk or hungover.

It could be looking at yourself in the mirror and not recognising yourself and or your actions, but carrying on because you feel you have no choice.

Maintaining the double life of an alcoholic could mean losing a job, a relationship, money or your health.

Hiding an addiction is exhausting, grim and eventually, becomes impossible.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

If you or your loved one is sick and tired of the pretence and playing the addict game, there is a way out.

That way requires honesty and a willingness to admit that help is needed.

It means asking for help and then learning new ways to live.

It means living a life free of acting, lying, pretending and manipulating.

It's worth it.

For a confidential chat with Elaine, call 027 573 7744.

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