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The Benefits of Choosing Private Rehab for Addiction Treatment

Updated: May 29

In New Zealand, mental health and addiction services are stretched far beyond capacity with limited publicly-funded resources for the many people desperately needing help.

Public rehabs, and private rehabs that receive government funding, can have wait times of several months or more.

Ocean Hills does not receive government funding, which means we can provide a premium service with top-of-the-line care, staff and premises, with short wait times.

Benefits of choosing private rehab for addiction treatment
Ocean Hills offers sea views from Napier's iconic Marine Parade

Reasons to consider choosing the benefits of private rehab

Some of the benefits of choosing a private rehab like Ocean Hills include:

  • Help when you need it: Short waiting times – only days or weeks.

  • Evidence-based programme: We use gold-standard, clinically proven models of therapy and although we support many forms of recovery, we don't focus on the 12-steps programme.

  • Only 2-4 weeks: A stay at Ocean Hills ranges from 2-4 weeks, which is usually a realistic possibility to fit around responsibilities and commitments to work and family.

  • Privacy, discretion and safety: We ensure our guest's privacy at all times.

  • One-on-one attention: Ocean Hills is a boutique facility – it has four beautiful guest rooms with a team of qualified addiction and mental health professionals that is dedicated to providing 24-hour support and care.

  • A personal touch: Ocean Hills founder, Elaine Atkinson, is a recovering alcoholic of 17 years and provides compassionate hands-on attention in the rehab of clients.

  • A nurturing environment by the sea: Our premium facility, just a stone's throw from the ocean in Napier, is comforting and beautiful. We provide home-cooked meals and offer activities like yoga, art therapy and lots of time in the beautiful nature that Hawke's Bay has to offer.

  • Cost-effective: We manage costs carefully, balancing the need to provide the best of 24/7 clinical care with affordability. Although the upfront fee for Ocean Hills is an investment, many guests have commented that the amount they would spend on their addiction over 12 months far outweighs the cost of treatment to get well, and stay that way.

  • Commitment to unlimited continuing care: Our Aftercare Programme includes a month of telephone counselling and unlimited support in our weekly online support group.

To find out what our guests have to say about staying at Ocean Hills, read about their experiences here and here.

To find out more about how the services at Ocean Hills might be able to help you or a loved one recover from addiction and enter a life of sobriety, call Elaine on 027 573 7744.

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