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Gold-standard care: Clinical Director at Ocean Hills

Updated: 6 days ago

Andrew McGarrol is the Consulting Clinical Director to the Ocean Hills Team. Andrew is a highly qualified and experienced addictions clinician with extensive experience as a clinical manager of several mental health and addiction services for DHBs and major addiction facilities in Hawke’s Bay.

Andrew oversees the Ocean Hills Assessment Service and ensures the highest clinical standards are met for our clients.

Andrew McGarrol
Clinical Director at Ocean Hills, Andrew McGarrol

He joined Ocean Hills because he was attracted to the professionalism, positivity and anonymity of the facility.

“I really love Elaine’s energy and I feel connected to that. She’s such a kind-hearted person. It’s her passion and you can really tell that. She’s got a really good service that I feel like I can endorse and be part of.

Clinical Director overseeing Ocean Hills

"Ocean Hills offers the gold standard treatment of recovery," Andrew says. "We use evidence-based approaches that are tailored for the individual."

The Ocean Hills clinical programme includes:

  • psychoeducational content

  • mindfulness

  • relaxation techniques

  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)


"At Ocean Hills, we put people in a supportive environment where they’re not distracted by outside noise and they focus on themselves for personal growth and that allows them to grow for the next phase of their recovery."

We also include art, equine and yoga therapies to further support our guests.

Privacy and anonymity

Our guests are in professions where they might be worried about their reputation – there’s a lot of stigma and discrimination around addiction.

“I like the commitment to anonymity at Ocean Hills: there’s a strong focus around keeping people’s privacy while giving them an opportunity to recover and develop tools to deal with their addictions."

Individual attention & aftercare

Because Ocean Hills is a boutique facility with only 4 beds, we are able to offer one-on-one attention to our guests. "And what really sets us apart from others is that we do the aftercare," says Andrew. "We’re getting good outcomes."

If you're looking for support to get sober for yourself or someone you love, give Elaine a call on 027 573 7744 for a confidential chat. Private, premium seaside rehab - fees apply.

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